Phuture Foods is looking to monopolize the Asian food industry by pioneering a plant-based pork substitute called Phuture Minced Pork to meet high demands for pork in the continent.

The start-up intends to sell vegan pork meat in Hong Kong with plans to expand in Malaysia and Singapore thereafter.

With the plant-based pork being halal, the Arabic name for permissible, Phuture is hopeful this aspect will allow it to gain easy access to the Asian food market that has a significant Muslim population refraining from eating pork. The brand is also looking into kosher certification.

The pork substitute will be made from wheat, mung beans and shiitake mushrooms making it not only environmentally friendly, but also a healthy, nutritious substitute with high protein, fiber, vitamin B12, and iron.

Phuture Foods also hopes to make its products’ prices comparable to or lower than those of pig meat to gain a wider market share.

While US-based companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are focusing on plant-based beef, Phuture Foods intends to explore plant alternatives to chicken and lamb products in order to cater to Asian taste buds.

Phuture foods is one of Brinc’s (a start-up accelerator that usually focuses on hardware tech) programs and the food start-up, according to statistics is environmentally conscientious with its products saving 1,100 gallons of water and 30 square feet of forest per day.

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