The New Protein Fund I is focused on investing in the best founders in the alternative protein space globally. This is led by Andrew D. Ive, the most active seed investor in early-stage food companies.

New Protein Fund I

The New Protein Fund invests and accelerates global food companies focused on three related categories given our global investment and operational experience in plant-based meat, seafood, dairy and snacks, cell-based meat, seafood and dairy, as well as ecosystem drivers in the form of technologies and ingredients. The accelerator is a proactive program for early-stage companies to build, test and prepare for growth. We currently have programs in New York City and Singapore with more locations to come!

Our Goal With the New Protein Fund I

We’re doing things differently! Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of meat consumption on the environment and their health, and are on the lookout for delicious plant-based foods. Today, 7 in 10 consumers are spending more on healthier, plant-based foods, leading to the explosive birth of a USD$3BN+ market throughout the world. The livestock sector fundamentally affects climate change, and is estimated to represent 16.5% of all human-induced carbon dioxide emissions. More than one-third of Americans and two-thirds of the world population are choosing to consume less meat for health reasons.

Invest with Big Idea Ventures

Interested in taking part in one of our funds? Let's chat.

We are always looking for major institutional investors, family offices and multinationals worldwide who want to be in on the action in this food industry revolution. With teams in New York City and Singapore, we would love to discuss how our funds can deliver the financial returns plus the environmental impact that this sector offers.

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