Through the lens of New York City, I work to merge the world's burgeoning tech ecosystems to drive innovative outcomes, foster new business partnerships, and maximize human potential. At Hapday Group, we help great founders go global by providing BD support, Operations Strategy, IR, and Advisory for the US market. Founded from a passion for operations and execution, our focus is not to consult, but to help you implement, working as partners to achieve your goals.

As an International Speaker, I cover topics such as building global communities, cross border innovation, and US market strategy. This year I will be in Turkey, China, Haiti, the Czech Republic, and Austria. I hope we can meet up when I am there with more countries adding soon!

My passion for activating creativity and purpose in each person (founder or otherwise) to reach their full potential drive me and all that we do at Hapday Group. As a leader and bridge builder, I find excitement in bringing my passion to the international table. Every human has limitless potential and is why I spend a significant amount of my time giving back to New York City's tech community that has given so much to me.