Cheese is the third-largest food contributor to climate change after beef and lamb. One pound of cheese requires 10 pounds of milk to produce and creates 30 pounds of CO2, so a pizzeria’s yearly cheese supply generates about a ton of CO2 a year. Offering a plant-based cheese option is a solution to this problem.

In honor of National Pizza Month, the team at Pleese Foods invites everyone to try a vegan cheese option this October. Now available at 6 locations across the country and counting, the vegan-friendly brand is spreading awareness on the importance of considering a plant-based option as the main topping to your favorite slice.

“My wife, Abev, and I founded Pleese Foods because as New Yorkers our biggest struggle in adopting a plant based diet was not being able to grab a slice of pizza from our favorite pizzerias.” Said Kobi Regev, Co-Founder/CEO of Pleese Foods.

Made from a proprietary blend of white bean, Pleese Cheese is differentiating itself from the cow’s milk products and the soy, seed, and nut alternatives that can trigger allergies.

“We developed Pleese to be allergen friendly because Abev is a teacher and she noticed that too many of her students had issues with dairy, soy and nut products. We wanted our products to be safe for schools and not to exclude anyone based on a particular dietary restriction.”

Pleese Cheese is already helping disrupt the environmental factors in this industry with a plant-based product, but it chooses to do more to help. The brand recently partnered with the National Forest Foundation to donate 1,000 trees to be planted in National Forests across the country. For every case the company sells, one tree will be planted with the organization moving forward.

“Planting trees through the national forest foundation is important to our company because we care about the planet. After learning how detrimental the dairy industry is to climate change, we decided that planting trees would make a meaningful impact and that’s how we decided to use a portion of our proceeds to help mitigate climate change.”

As we’ve become more aware of what we eat, having vegan options is important to independently-owned businesses because they translate to more sales. For the owners who think these offerings are too expensive or difficult to add their menus, Pleese Cheese wants to provide them with an easy option.

Expect to find Pleese Cheese at three locations in New York City — Tavola Hell’s Kitchen, Vito’s Slices and Ices, and Koronet’s Upper East Side in Austin at Lil and Big Nonna’s, in Atlanta at Plant Based Pizzeria, in Provo at Fat Daddy’s and they’re planning to expand distribution to the West Coast early October. The team at Pleese Foods encourages all Pizza lovers to say “Yes, Pleese” to a vegan-friendly cheese option this National Pizza Month.

Want to try Pleese Cheese at a pizzeria near you? Direct your favorite pizzeria to the Say Pleese Website and the restaurant will get a free sample of Pleese. To learn more about Pleese Cheese, visit

About Pleese Foods: Started by a team of New Yorkers, the company is the creator of Pleese Cheese, the allergy-friendly, plant-based alternative free of dairy, lactose, soy, nuts, gluten, palm oil, and cholesterol. Developed to melt perfectly on pizza, burgers, sandwiches and more, it’s an exceptional alternative to traditional cheese for consumers and it gives the restaurant industry a unique option anyone can consume and enjoy.

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