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Green-On was founded with the mission to provide sustainable ingredients to the food industry. Food production stands for at least 20% of the green-house gases already today. WHO predicts that the world population reaches 10 billion people in 2050. A great global challenge is to produce more food to an increasing population with a reduced environmental impact. We are developing a disruptive technology that bypasses agricultural processes such as animal husbandry and palm tree plantations for production of food ingredients. There is no land use associated with our process, limited amount of fresh water, no fertilizers, no pesticides. In addition, the process can provide food security. Green-On is using a patented technology and processes that are more sustainable than alternatives. In the process we use electricity, carbon dioxide and water to directly synthesize saturated triglycerides without any organisms (no cultivation, no GMO’s are used). We produce the same molecules as found in dairy, palm oil and coconut oil. Green-On is a business-to-business company and focusing on products for the processed food industry.

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