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Luyef Biotechnologies


Luyef is a Chilean-based mission-driven food-tech startup aiming to solve the problems related to the inefficient use of natural resources in an overpopulated planet to improve the quality of life of the current and future global population. Our main goal is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and ethical meat industry by developing the technology to bring affordable, high quality and highly sophisticated eco-friendly and animal-free products that can compete with traditional meat in terms of flavor, texture, and structure. In Luyef we are filling these gaps in three different phases by means of our cutting-edge proprietary technology. First we are improving the taste of current plant-based meat alternatives via our secret ingredient that we call TAMEE (The Authentic Meat Eating Experience), second we are producing hybrid plant-based/cultivated meat products with the right texture by using our unique Chilean algae-based scaffolding, and third we are working in the technology to produce real cultivated steaks via one of its kind photo-printing technology, which also eliminates the need of growth factors, thus reducing tremendously the production costs of cultivated meat. All this allow us to bring cost-competitive and high-quality products into the market in the short term via different go-to-market strategies, thus accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable, animal-free and eco-friendly meat industry.

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