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Maya Milk


Maya Milk is a precision fermentation company producing animal-free dairy proteins and fats that are superior in taste, texture, and flavor. We are resolving the performance challenges that alternative dairy has, improving the key functionalities of animal-free dairy products, and helping our potential customers differentiate in the market. We’re working on complex structures such as casein micelles and fat globules, which contribute to the organoleptic properties and nutritional profile of dairy products. We provide our customers with animal-free protein and fat ingredients. Our customers are food and dairy companies, and ingredient providers that launch animal-free dairy categories. Our products improve the form factor of the alternative dairy products, and help create better consumer-facing dairy applications: milk that is creamier, cheese that actually stretches. We are a team of scientists motivated to transform the industrial animal farming, lessen the environmental footprint, and offer dairy lovers animal-free alternatives without compromise.

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