With 2.5 million Australian consumers currently identifying as plant-based eaters, Australian plant-based food company, Fenn Foods, believes making the switch to vegetarianism or flexitarianism is really just the tip of the iceberg.

The Sunshine Coast business headed by Michelin Star chef, Alejandro Cancino and his wife Paola, have taken the commitment to planet and environment a step further, launching what they believe to be the world’s first carbon neutral ‘meat’.

The couple says most consumers don’t realise the amount of fossil fuel used in plant-based food production – a real problem for the industry.

Veef mince is 100-per-cent carbon offset, from production to transportation.

“Including more plants in your diet is key to combatting climate change. A lot of people don’t know meat and dairy production produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all global transportation combined,” says Alejandro, Fenn Foods co-founder and Veef creator.

He said the certification process took six months with carbon reduction institute, Noco2, which thoroughly check the whole process from where ingredients are sourced, to production and up to consumer delivery.

The futuristic plant-based product has been snapped up by popular, meal-kit company HelloFresh with Veef mince set to appear in kits from this month.

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