Shivana is a Doctoral Candidate of Immunology at Roswell Park. Her work focuses on the mechanisms within the bone marrow that support durable humoral immunity. Shivana plans to utilize her expertise to bridge the gap between scientific innovation and public consumption, by making science more digestible and relatable. Her current interests include the science of food and cooking, intersection of nutrition and the immune system, immunization policy, and the economics of science. In her free time you can find Shivana spending time outdoors with her lovely husband and rambunctious puppy, Theia.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Research Scientist with a focus in Immunology

I would love to contribute the following to companies:
1. Feedback and vetting of scientific data/information
2. Scientific communication/visualization to better prepare and present information to both the public and potential investors. Helping to make their technologies and innovations easily digestible and relatable.
3. Identifying novelty of new technologies as well as gaps that they can fulfill in a market
4. Due diligence of current health and life science policies and trends