In Asia, the agriculture and food industry will need to transform over the next decade in response to population growth and changing consumer requirements, as well as to other global challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation. Within Asia, Singapore is emerging as the agri-food tech capital, with its government investing $100 billion (US$72 billion) to prepare for the effects of both the current climate and Covid-19 situation. As an urban city-state with limited land space, Singapore is focused on buildings its capabilities in self-sufficiency and food security with a 30 by 30 strategy – producing 30% of the country’s nutritional needs locally by 2030. This presents an opportunity for agri-food tech companies to participate in the growth and innovation in this sector through R&D, best practices and strategic collaborations.

Together with Business Sweden, Embassy of Finland and the Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI) of Singapore, we would like to invite you to this webinar where we will deep dive into the perspectives on the future of food for urban cities and discuss the agri-food tech opportunities present in Singapore.

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