The rapid growth across Asia in the alternative protein space over the last couple of years is reflected in the amount of fundraising and the development of innovative new products – from plant-based mooncakes, dumplings to those tailored to Chinese cuisine – cell based shrimp dimsum to plant-based crayfish.

Existing US food technology players such as Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat are already pursuing Asian market , but can they compete with the many homegrown alternative protein  companies that are innovating rapidly ?

Asian consumer appetites differs greatly to their Western counterparts. Hence for startups in the Asian alternative protein space- new product development must be mindful to cater to regional tastes.

Apart from the challenge to get these new products mainstream whether it is plant-based or cell based meat, price is another important factor.

Singapore market with its diverse population has been a springboard to help  many of these new innovations expand across Southeast Asia. The country is taking the lead to support new protein startups ,developing regulatory frameworks, particularly on the cellular meat front.

Cultivated / Cell based or Plant Based meat – are Asians going to bite ?

Attend this purposely constructed webinar on ASIA Sustainable Proteins that lines up 6 powerful speeches to give you an insight on where Alternative protein is heading in the region

Lux Research addresses the need to close the  sensorial gap between animal meat products and alternative protein products.

Keller & Heckman gives an update on the regulatory framework for alternative protein acceptance in Asia.

And an interactive, exciting panel discussion of plant-based and cell based meat innovators – Hear them battle out on the commercial and technical considerations.

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