Workshop: Catherine Barba, Lex Heslin & Abby Lyall

3:00 – 4:00 PM
This interactive workshop offers you the much needed face to face with investors, where you will get the opportunity to ask about the fundamentals when seeking investments, and the variety of solutions, tools, and tips to get a step closer to secure funding. Learn about different types of investments and the different approaches and strategies of attracting them, how to engage investors and secure funding, means of attracting investors to your business plan and the best way to approach them, as well as what key elements should be added to the business plan to encourage potential investors? You will also get a chance to learn about impact investment strategy, and why it is so important. Is making an impact enough to convince other people that investing in your startup is worth their while? | 55 minute workshop and Q&A | Maximum size of the workshop: 30-40.

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