Welcome to The TechCrunch List — a directory of the most active and engaged investors in the VC industry today as recommended by founders.

Please head to our frequently asked questions page to learn more about what this List is, its methodology, the qualifications to be added, how to ask for changes or corrections, and how to send feedback.

If you are a founder and want to submit a recommendation, please help us out!

Some tips:

  • Use the three filters (“Vertical”, “Round Type”, and “Location”) to find the most relevant investors.
  • “Verticals” lists the market verticals that an investor has the most depth in based on recommendations from founders and our data. Investors often invest outside of their main areas of expertise, so think of this as a key clue to an investor’s interests and not as a limitation on their thesis. We have 22 verticals available.
  • “Round Type” can be “Pre-seed / Seed”, “Early Stage” or “Growth Stage”.
  • “Location” is the “home base” of an investor. It is not meant to imply the only location that a listed VC invests in. Obviously, many investors invest nationally and globally even though they live in, say, San Francisco. We list only one location per investor.
  • “Portfolio” lists the founders and portfolio companies that provide evidence for an investor’s inclusion on the list. A first name with an “@” symbol indicates a direct founder recommendation. Just a company indicates a publicly verified portfolio company that we believe the investor led a check into. We list a maximum of 5 companies under this heading.
  • Given the width of the table, it is best viewed on a desktop computer.

The TechCrunch List was most recently updated on Thursday August 13, 2020.

Remember a Cardinal Rule about venture capitalists: every investor is ultimately opportunistic. Seed investors sometimes participate in growth rounds. New York investors sometimes invest in London. Consumer investors sometimes invest in enterprise startups and vice versa. The TechCrunch List shows where people generally focus, but that should never imply that they don’t do anything outside of their main interests.

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