It’s 2019. Thanks to technology, we are no longer bound by limitations.

Cockroach milk? Sure, let’s make it. Worm meatballs? Why not.

Image from Giphy

Image via Giphy

In this environmentally-conscious, healthy-living day and age, we’ve come up with alternatives for a better lifestyle.

To contribute to that, a Malaysian company has started to create plant-based pork meat which “looks like, smells like, and tastes like” the real deal

Phuture Foods is a startup that aims to reduce pollution caused by large scale industrial farming – without sacrificing the taste of the meat.

Image from Phuture Meat

Image via Phuture Meat

The “pork” will be made up of a variety of plants, including shiitake mushrooms, mung beans, and wheat

According to Tech Crunchthe meat will also be considered “halal” for consumers in countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

So imagine sitting down to have nasi goreng or a Ramly burger, with meat that resembles “pork” but is far from it.

Image from Phuture Meat

Image via Phuture Meat

SAYS has yet to receive comment from the company on whether the meat will be halal-certified.

As for the price? It will be equal to or lower than the cost of actual pork products.

And Malaysians may soon have a taste of it!

With the support from Hong Kong-based angel investors, the first batch will be released in Hong Kong, followed by Singapore, and potentially Malaysia.

The company is also looking into getting a kosher certificate, and lamb and chicken substitutes.

Image from Phuture Meat

Image via Phuture Meat

Never try, never know right? Let us know what you think of the “pork” in the comments section below!

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