As a diverse community of innovators, visionaries and entrepreneurs, we have the privilege to make possible, bold visions for future cities. We have been working on the hypothesis that rising oceans and decaying urban infrastructure will result in the creation of hundreds of new cities in the coming decades. Presently, we are also experiencing the ferocious systemic disruptions that a pandemic can bring and the rapid adaptations it demands of societies.

With entire nations under unprecedented stress from COVID-19 and other ecological threats, it is time to accelerate and actualise the movement to create future societies that are resilient, humanity-centric and in harmony with ecology.

Responding to calls for support and participation, we are setting up a virtual gathering around the urgent need to prepare for the new normal.

Key themes we’ll be exploring at this VIRTUAL OPEN CITY includes:

The existing OS is obsolete and breaking. What should we consider when creating a new OS?
Taizo Son | Mistletoe
Atsushi Taira | Mistletoe
Poh Cai Ling | JTC Corporation

In this era of black swans and systemic dislocations, how do we design the symbiosis between urban living and human sustenance? What if agriculture and food are at the center of the city design?
Nihal Tamang | Sampo
Rithika Thomas | EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy
Tan Yang En | JTC Corporation

GEN Z: Opportunities in the age of crises
In an era of pandemics, rising oceans and other ecological disasters, Gen Zs can turn unprecedented crises into extraordinary opportunities. This is a meeting of minds between Gen Zs and top impact investors.
Ng Chia Wee | NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Alexis Liu | NTU Renaissance Engineering Programme
Bradley J. Busetto | UNDP Global Centre for Technology
Christian CADEO | Big Idea Ventures

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