Our world is changing at a rate like never before. Our lives are getting ever more complicated by the minute. To help make sense of it all, Joshua Lim is back to ask the questions that you have always wanted to ask, and even some that you have never thought about:

Why do some people never get fat?

How does 5G affect the way we travel?

Why would my digital clutter exact a toll on the planet?

Is technology already so advanced that we can no longer tell real from fake?

Do we have any control over our lives when we fly?

Are floods the only hazard we need to worry about as sea level rises?

Why would eating processed food from a lab be a good idea?

Join Joshua Lim as he finds the simple explanations to the big questions that would have an impact on our everyday lives. Uncover what matters and why it matters.

Lorem ipsum | Vietnam | cesiscompany.vn

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