Yoconut Dairy Free Announces Strategic Partnership with Dairy Delivery to Bring Non-Dairy Coconut Yogurt to CA Market

SAN FRANCISCO – April 12, 2018 –  Yoconut Dairy Free (YoconutDF), a food-innovation company specializing in non-dairy coconut yogurt, recently announced it is forming a long-term strategic distribution partnership with Dairy Delivery. This new partnership is the first phase in YoconutDF’s strategic growth plan to expand across the entire West Coast.

“We can’t wait to bring Yoconut Dairy Free to stores and homes across California, and by 2019, the entire West Coast,” said Bonnie Lau, founder and CEO of YoconutDF. “My goal in creating this product was giving those that care about clean eating and leading a healthy lifestyle a better alternative.”

YoconutDF debuted its product at a San Francisco famer’s market and made its retail launch in 2017, quickly establishing itself as a successful startup and pioneer in the electrolytes coconut yogurt market. Lau is excited to see her company take this next step and increase the reach of its creamy coconut yogurt, which has no added sugar, is high in fiber and features naturally occurring electrolytes.

Dairy Delivery’s commitment to customer service and local food is one of the many attributes that made this collaboration so appealing. In operation since 1978 and helmed by relentless CEO Amy Cramer, Dairy Delivery also aligns with YoconutDF’s core value of ‘by women who care’. As stated by Cramer,  “Our collaboration with YoconutDF, continues our journey to provide good, clean wholesome products to our highly valued Stores and restaurants.  We strive to expand our portfolio of products that you can feel good about. YoconutDF fits the bill perfectly!  As we work closely with YoconutDF to broaden the reach of its non-dairy coconut yogurt, we look forward to the successes we will share together.”

With this partnership, YoconutDF yogurt (available in four flavors: Original, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Lemon Cream and Chocolate Coconut) can be found at stores such as Mollie Stone’s Markets, New Leaf Community Markets and more. To learn more about this healthy coconut alternative to dairy yogurt or to find locations near you, visit www.yoconutdairyfree.com.


About Yoconut Dairy Free

Yoconut Dairy Free is a plant-based food innovation company obsessed with creating delicious food that is healthy and allergy friendly. That means, aside from coconuts, you will never find any of the big eight most common food allergens in its foods. Learn more at www.yoconutdairyfree.com.

About Dairy Delivery

Dairy Delivery is one of the largest independent natural foods and dairy products distributor in the greater North Bay area. Founded in 1978, Dairy Delivery continues to provide the highest-quality products, most of which are found locally. It is the company’s mission to uphold the best of quality standards in delivery, warehousing and customer satisfaction. Learn more at www.dairy-delivery.com.

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