Be a part of an extensive global network of entrepreneurs focused on the food space. By joining our community as a Limited Partner or Strategic Partner, you will get unrivalled access to our amazing founders.

Why Partner With Us?


By joining our community of partners, you’ll get unrivaled access to our community of founders through programs, events, and other exposure. You will have the pulse on this growing sector in terms of what is the latest innovation in the space.


Our team works side-by-side with our partners to ensure that their offerings both in product and content are exactly what our founders need.


By teaming up with Big Idea Ventures, our partners are able to position themselves as thought leaders among some of the most innovative startups globally focus on the alternative protein sector.

Our Limited Partners

We select our Limited Partners based on their leadership position and their ability to strategically contribute to our portfolio companies. We are the leader in our chosen stage and area of investment which ensures top quality deal flow and our ability to build the strongest coalition of global Limited Partners of our funds. If you are interested in investing please reach out here.

Some of the largest multinationals, family offices and investors globally are also stakeholders in our funds.

Our Strategic Partners

We have and continue to build a consortium of trusted and valued partners that help our portfolio companies across all aspects of their business. These partners are a combination of corporate strategics, government departments, NGOs, family offices and business people who provide local and global expertise. If you have an interest in working more closely with Big Idea Ventures, contact us here.


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