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What’s Preventing Cellular Agriculture From Becoming Mainstream?

By Avery Parkinson   As promising as cellular agriculture may be for making our food production system more environmentally sustainable, ethical and healthy, the field is definitely not without its challenges. The main challenge this technology faces is the cost — the world’s first cultured burger, which was produced by Dutch scientist Mark Post and his lab

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The Science of Cellular Agriculture

By Avery Parkinson Cellular agriculture  is the science of creating animal products without the animal. There are two main kinds of cellular agriculture: “cellular agriculture” which is concerned with making products containing once living cells (like meat and leather) and “acellular agriculture” which is about creating animal derived products (like cheese and milk). For now, we’re

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Save Your Equity: Using Alternative Capital to Build Your “Big Idea”

By Patrick Woloveck In today’s rapidly changing startup capital landscape, it is challenging for early stage entrepreneurs to structure the most efficient capital stack. Since I started focusing my career on alternative capital in 2018, it has been really interesting to see the conversation change about raising capital. As an (admittedly biased) champion for non-dilutive

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An Industry in Transition: COVID-19’s Impact on Plant-Based Protein

Anjali Agarwal   The world reckoned with COVID-19 over the last several months as lockdowns were instituted, and as people globally experienced drastic changes to their daily lives, consumers’ spending habits changed in stride. Among these changes include an increase in spending on groceries, while spending on other categories, such as entertainment and travel, naturally

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